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We have a very limited amount of time to spend surfing and discovering new blogs. We feel our time is best used on blogs that would reward our commenting. Unfortunately, not all the blogs displaying the "IFollow" icon have actually removed their "nofollow" tag. We decided to publish those blogs that are actually truthful. This blog is made solely for the feed. We plan to add all the blogs that we know that have removed the "nofollow" tag.


We attempt to check all the blogs we add by leaving a comment and seeing if it appears without the "nofollow" tag.


We admit to a slight bias toward non-marketing, non-seo, non-"let's make money" blogs. We prefer personal or niche blogs, blogs of ppl who actually have something to say. We will add however any blog that honors "DoFollow" on request, upon verification. We just wouldn't be so happy about it :)


If you find a blog listed here that has actually not removed the tag, let us know immediately via either a comment or by contacting us through our own blogs listed in the footer.


If you would like to participate in deciding what blogs to be featured in our feed, please contact us through the same method.

More info?

You can find more info under the "Articles" section.


This blog has also removed the "nofollow" tags. To reduce our maintenance effort, we forced authentication for comments while removing moderation. Feel free to comment! However, if you expect a response, please contact us on our blogs as listed in the footer.

How to check "nofollow"?

This might sound complicated, but it is very simple. On a page containing links in comments, look at the source code. This can be revealed in Internet Explorer by View->Source. Look for the comment and see if the link code is preceded by the "nofollow" tag. Alternatively, in the source code window search for "nofollow". If you cannot find it, the blog has most likely removed it.


Comments without "nofollow" reward you with a link pointing to your blog that is indexed by Google and Technorati, increasing the authority of your blog.

How to use?

It's probably best to use this feed either by subscribing via email or by displaying it in your blog, such as it is done at AlsoSprachZamolxis.com in the lower left corner. Don't forget to keep an eye, visit and comment on those blogs, as new ones appear often.

I do follow, why isn't my blog featured?

Although we started by adding most blogs we could find that have removed the "nofollow" tag from comments, it is probable that we did not include all, especially since new ones appear all the time. Be sure to contact us. If you have already done this, please be patient and remind us again in 1 week. We will not add your blog if we were unable to comment, or if our comment was not published. Consider removing comment moderation.

Why don't I see them?

You can see the last blog below. You can also see more by going through the "Blog Archive". However, as previously mentioned, this blog is meant to be accessed mostly via the feed. You can read the feed in a feed reader, such as Google Reader.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Adrian Catalin

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